PVD service

Welcome to EuroLCDs, where we bring you cutting-edge PVD coating possibilities to enhance your optical applications.

Our state-of-the-art sputtering machine, provided by FHR Anlagebau Gmbh, empowers us to offer improved transmission and decreased reflection through our precise PVD coatings since 2019.

By depositing coatings at the atomic level, we achieve exceptional control over structure, density, and stoichiometry, allowing us to tailor the coatings to your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in a range of advanced coatings, including anti-reflective coatings for the visible and infrared ranges. With our broad band custom-tuned coatings, such as 4-layer BBAR and multiple layer BBAR, we optimize performance across various wavelengths.

Our capabilities extend beyond conventional coatings to wavelength-tuned transparent coatings, ideal for smart glass applications. Moreover, we offer specialized coatings for thermochromic glass and photochromic glass, catering to the dynamic needs of the industry. To combat glare and improve user experience, we provide anti-glare coatings that ensure optimal visibility in diverse environments.

As professionals in Thin Film Coatings for Optics, we utilize a batch processing system with top-down sputtering, accommodating substrates on carriers up to 1.5x1m. Through RF sputter etching, we ensure superior adhesion by effectively cleaning and activating surfaces before deposition. Our offerings encompass a wide range of materials, including standard transparent conductive layers like ITO (indium-tin oxide), as well as reactive sputtering of oxides and nitrides such as SiOx, Nb2O5, SiOxNy, Si3N4, and more upon request.

With our flexible machine capabilities, we excel in DC-, MF-, and RF-mode deposition, supporting metallic or reactive layer deposition as per your needs. The modular design enables us to incorporate different deposition technologies within a single batch, offering versatility and customization. Additionally, our films can be applied as upper layers or precisely patterned through photolithography or laser-cut shadow masks.

At EuroLCDs, we prioritize the utmost cleanliness in our process, ensuring particle control and maintaining a dedicated clean room zone that covers our loading/unloading table. This commitment to cleanliness is vital in delivering optical grade coatings that meet the highest industry standards.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best PVD coatings for optics. Our offerings also include conductive coatings, including indium-tin oxide (ITO) films and transparent conductive oxide (TCO). Furthermore, we specialize in index matched ITO film, low reflection ITO glass, and EMI shielded glass. Additionally, we provide coatings for electrochromic glass, OLED, LED, and photovoltaic applications. Our expertise in photovoltaic coatings extends to IMITO as well.

Furthermore, we excel in dielectric coatings such as silicon oxide, silicon nitride, and silicon oxynitride. Our offered services can be used for dielectric barrier film, dielectric coating, dielectric mirror, and band gap filter.