Products and services

DISPLAYS for AR/VR and niche applications

EuroLCDs manufactures a number of products for 3D stereoscopic and volumetric imaging applications. Utilizing the extensive knowledge and experience in shuttertype LCD products brought in by the company owners, EUROLCDS is developing world-class products for professional, multimedia, computational graphics; medical and industrial markets all based on original developments and licensed technologies.

Based on LightSpace Technologies patented technology, EuroLCDs produces fast switching (600µs), highly transparent (98% in open state), low haze, custom tailored light diffusers and shutters based on LCD technology.

Prototyping services for novel display types

EuroLCDs offers to use passive matrix production line and R&D engineer competence to make first viable prototypes for companies, institutes and start-ups. The contract can also include joint research activities together with academic partners or joint EU project partnership.

Some applications are beyond traditional LCD technology, as demonstrated in the past:

  • Electrophoretic type ink displays;
  • Gradient index LC lenses;
  • Bistable displays based on smectic A technology;
  • Flexible displays;
  • Hybrid displays (LCD+ Solar).

Product industrialization services beyond prototyping stage

Once first prototypes have been made, EuroLCDS offers product industrialization services by starting from small batch runs and finishing with technology report that enables volume producers to start up mass production with reduced costs and lost time.

A notable example is smart windows development based on Smectic A liquid crystal formulation developed by Dow-Corning Group. EuroLCDs were able to assist its development from early stage to pilot series manufacturing. Besides traditional technology development, we were able to provide custom designed driver and assist customer in number of trade show demonstrations from single IGU demonstrators to full size window.