Lightspace Technologies together with EUROLCDS have successfully finished Q2 of 2023 in the project No “Development of miniature next generation multi-focal image engine for application in near-eye display devices”

During Q2 of 2023 Lightspace team had to address unavailability of some of the parts originally included in the design. With success alternatives have been found and corresponding designs amended. An electronics design of the light-source driver has been finished and corresponding printed circuit boards have been prototyped with first samples already received. Initial validation and debugging phase have begun.

In regards to optics – custom prismatic elements are being prototyped with two methods, the first results indicate that the required tolerances have not been achieved. Work has continued on two fronts – amendments to manufacturing processes to improve the quality, and optical design amendments to utilize already achieved results with maximum potential in terms of image quality. Together with said optical design actions, miniaturization and compression of the optical path length is explored as well. Achievements in the optomechanical design indicate on even smaller than previously anticipated housing of the image source.

Alongside, work on lamination of screen element has continued with the aim to grow the yield and minimize entrapped imperfections and impurities. Samples intended for the final design phase have entered into a production phase.

The main direct objective of the project is to develop safe 3D image recreation technology for head-mounted stereoscopic displays in virtual and augmented reality. In particular developments concern miniature multi-focal display architecture – a tiny multi-focal image engine which can be coupled to arbitrary secondary optics/optical image combiners. Project implementation is planned to be finished by the end of November 2023.

Total planned project costs are 713 721.66 EUR, including ineligible costs 33 537.47 EUR, private funding of 204 055.26 EUR, which will be covered by internal resources of the involved companies, and European Union Regional Development Fund funding 476 128.93 EUR


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