We offer a Cleanroom environment for any kind of research, development, and production needs. Our Cleanroom, one of the largest in Europe, is completely suitable for industries such as LCD, MedTech, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, etc. Located in the heart of the Baltics, it has easy access to all major cities in Europe.

Our offer includes:

  • Cleanroom, dedicated storage areas, engineering spaces and offices;
  • Cleanroom support team.

Cooperation models:

  • Production based on LCD line 

Full usage of Eurolcd’s equipment and production line to develop your product samples, prototypes, or mass production.

  • Cleanroom 

Benefit from state-of-an-art cleanroom environment and high-tech production possibilities of ultra modern facilities. Use your own machinery, tools, and team. 

  • Hybrid 

Combine your production needs with our dedicated tools, machinery, and team members.

Learn more by sending us an e-mail: [email protected]